The Space


A publicly accessible space in the center of Berlin that brings together artists, researchers, and members of the civil society to reflect on the city’s colonial past, its impact in the present, and implications for the future.

Workshops are organised within the framework of the planning towards the annual Flâneries where the collective meets with scholars, artists and activists with shared artistic research history to broaden the scope of dialogue for expansion of ideological and conceptual resources.  

Public Assemblies are part of the publicly accessible preparatory events ensuring our multi-faceted approach within the para/trans academic space. 

The Amo Salon is a conceptual, experimental, and performative space for revisiting historical and colonial traces, with the aim of reimagining our current societal complexities. At the core of the Amo Salon concept lies the vision of fostering worldwide collaboration and promoting geopolitical awareness. Progress is underway on the African rendition of this space, a homage to Anton Wilhelm Amo, who was born in Axim and rests in Shama, Ghana. This version of Amo Salon is currently taking shape along the Ghanaian coastline.

Creating a space that thinks of society from "its fringes", thus giving space to polytonal practices of remembering and imagining, always taking into account the global, colonial entanglement structures. Our central concern is to create a space that not only enables an exchange about past and present inequalities, but also allows the imagination of  "other futures".