Events, festivals, workshops, and public assemblies in July, September, and November 2024 in Berlin-Mitte

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The event is fully wheelchair accessible as it takes place outside in the backyard which has pavement which is in some parts not smooth but bumpy. 

In the building the event is behind we have a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The bathroom has a toilet with handles/grab bars and a low sink. There is a bin and disinfectant wipes. The bathroom is gender neutral.

Inside, we have a low-sensory space with different spaces to sit or lie down. Movement, stimming, taking breaks etc. are welcome there, but no chatting or louder noises. This space will be lit minimally and include multiple soft surfaces & textiles.

Chairs with backs are available. We have space to store walkers, canes etc.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at our space.

Please come to this event no-scent, please avoid scented products like (detergents, shampoo, soaps and perfumes).

For this event, there are no ASL or DGS interpreters available.

For this event, there will not be childcare available.

For this event, there will be no audio describers available.

If you wish to visit our space and/or have further access needs, please write us an email. Tell us what you need to participate. We wish to reduce barriers! Our email address is:


A part of DRAUSSENSTADT. The project is funded by the Berlin Project Fund Urbane Praxis and the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion: